Mobile applications at the service of the oceans

Posted on 21 September 2022
In the field, this database is enriched through a harmonized catch monitoring system that meets the necessary scientific information standards required by the Ministry in charge of fisheries.

Apart from the collection forms, the communities use smartphones that have the mobile application "Survey 123" in order to facilitate the monitoring of fishing catches since 2019. Following three years of experimentation and "although we are still in the learning phase, the data collectors master the tool more and more," says Lalaina Rakotonaivo from WWF." 

Sometimes, fishers tend to delete the data sent due to a bad handling of the smartphone, delete the application or forget the unlocking codes and PIN codes. 

However, the use of this application can only be beneficial as it reduces the time and resources spent for data transfer from the collectors to the catch database. In addition, this new technology does not require additional resources such as collection sheets, or consultants for data entry. Finally, it allows for near real-time data analysis. All the information collected by the application is sent directly to the Ministry and to the actors of the sustainable management of the Mahafaly coastline which is located between the south of Anakao and the village of Ambohibola.

Currently, WWF plans to improve the current mechanism by taking into account the evolution of technologies and extending this system throughout southwestern Madagascar.