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Young people from the Consortium des Jeunes Mahery (CJM) support the restoration of mangroves in the Menabe region.

Conservation is everyone's business. Our impact on nature and people is the result of a collective effort combining expertise, willingness, and a shared commitment to more sustainable management of natural resources.

The contribution of young people to conservation is an important part of our progress towards a positive nature by 2030.
WWF has been supporting and working with young people for thirty years now. The Consortium des Jeunes Mahery is among the many youth associations that are particularly active in the Manambolo-Tsiribihina landscape. Founded in 2015 by a group of young volunteers, the Consortium des Jeunes Mahery has set itself the goal of joint efforts for the sustainable management of natural resources. The consortium currently has 11 associations such as the scouts, Liberty 32, the Malagasy Red Cross, student associations,) and 350 individual members. In its ten years of existence, the Consortium des Jeunes Mahery has been particularly active in restoring 280 hectares of mangrove areas and 60 hectares of dry forest.
The consortium manages a range of activities, prioritizing the restoration of mangrove forests, but also reforestation, advocacy, awareness-raising and training local communities in the sustainable management of natural resources. Keen to contribute in decision-making to bring change for nature, they intend to make greater use of their advocacy skills.
The young people of the consortium remain committed to their ambitions for the preservation of Madagascar's natural capital.
« I'm a scout and our environmental strategy coincides precisely with the consortium's strategy and objectives. We need to make a difference to our environment, which is deteriorating all the time. This urgency for change and my love for nature motivate me to encourage other young people to take responsibility. One change I'd like to see is in the mentality of the population and aspects of Malagasy culture that are harmful to nature. I can see that local communities are gradually becoming aware of the damage done to the environment and are beginning to commit themselves to restoring it. »
VONINAHITSY Jaonarivelo, Scout leader and member of the Consortium des Jeunes Mahery executive board
« As a young person and student in the environmental field, I joined the Consortium des Jeunes Mahery to contribute as best I can to environmental protection. Since joining, I've noticed that the population is becoming increasingly motivated to reforest thanks to the many awareness-raising campaigns. Previously, I wasn't aware of all the protocol involved in reforestation, but once I joined the consortium, I was able to learn more. One of the major changes is that people now know that the planting of seedlings is not done just any old way. I'd also like private companies to be made more aware of reforestation, so that they realize the importance of nature. We won't stay young forever. So, to ensure our children's future, I encourage everyone not only to plant trees, but also to protect everything that surrounds us and adopt eco-gestures at home. »
RAZOELIARISOA Santatriniaina Erica, Student et member of the Consortium des Jeunes Mahery
« I study terrestrial biodiversity at the Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marines and I love everything about nature. I wanted to get involved in protecting nature and that's how I joined the consortium. I remember the reforestation project in Manamby, for which we carried out a follow-up. Thanks to this, we were able to see how the plants were growing and take action if necessary. For me, this was an important change, as there had never been any monitoring before. We need to set up regular monitoring for every mangrove and dry forest restoration activity. Young people need to be made aware of the benefits of nature and the need not to destroy it. For example, the simple gesture of not throwing garbage on the beach. We must also continue to raise awareness of the need to protect the forests, because in the Menabe Antimena in particular, there are hardly any Katrafay trees left because of the degradation of the forests. »
RASOAMANANJARA Leonna, Student and member of the Consortium des Jeunes Mahery
« Nature is becoming increasingly degraded. This will cause an ecological imbalance and ultimately have a considerable impact on human life. We're raising awareness among young people and adults about actions to preserve the environment, such as not cutting down trees, as the song goes: “He who cuts down one tree will replant ten". The change I'd like to see is for Madagascar to become a green island again. This requires a great deal of activity, and calls for the commitment of all citizens. We, the young people, must participate in reforestation, raise awareness among our fellow citizens wherever we are, be a role model, and help preserve nature, as it is the guarantor of our future. »
FETY Peletier Désir, Student, member of technology students association and Consortium des Jeunes Mahery secretary
« During a field activity in Kimony, we found that the vast majority of mangrove wood had been cut down by local people for energy purposes or for sale to ensure their livelihoods. We took the opportunity to raise the communities' awareness of the need not to cut mangrove forests, and of nature's role in biodiversity and climate. This awareness-raising gave positive results, as many people have decided to take part in reforestation, helping to reduce deforestation. However, we noticed that dirt was accumulating at one of the reforestation sites in Kimony. This disturbed and demotivated those planting the mangroves. Awareness-raising campaigns were carried out and toilets were installed to discourage people from practicing open defecation on the site. As a result, they have given up their bad practices while committing themselves to reforestation. I encourage young people to motivate themselves to restore mangroves for our well-being and that of nature. »
NOMENJANAHARY Solo Hery Tina, President of the youth Malagasy Red Cross