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The communities of Ambaro Bay congratulated by VINA Marie-Orléa

In May, the communities of Ankazomborona and Antsatrana in the district of Ambilobe, had the honor to welcome the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, VINA Marie-Orléa.

These two villages are located in the mangroves of Ambaro Bay, which is the 21st RAMSAR site in Madagascar. Between them, the community organizations "FMTA" and "Ankameva" of the two villages manage 3,973 ha of mangrove forests and terrestrial forests. 
In the village of Antsatrana, the minister took the opportunity to discuss with members of the Community Savings Group (CSG) who have created a 3rd fund for the conservation of mangroves. Called the Environment Fund, this third fund finances the sustainable management of their locally managed marine areas: community patrols and reforestation.
To date, 73 CSGs have been set up in 4 pilot villages, with 2,108 members from 1,917 households, 60% of whom are women.
In Antsatrana, Minister VINA Marie-Orléa stated in her speech: "I am delighted that local communities are able to achieve harmonious management of natural resources. The work you have done is the pride of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and you are more than aware that development rhymes with conservation! This proves that your community has the commitment and conviction to sustainably manage our natural resources so that we can produce and survive. The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development is ready to continue its support with the collaboration of WWF."
The Minister also met with the community organization of Ankazomborona, located 35 km from the city of Ambilobe. Ankazomborona is a model of effective community management, as the village's mangroves are among the most intact and best protected in Ambaro Bay. Between 2015 and 2019, the communities reforested 160 Ha of mangroves there.
The message from the Minister was clear during her speech: "We are reforesting, we are working so hard for our children and future generations. It is touching to see that the community is aware that we must preserve our natural resources and particularly mangroves. We are counting on you! You are at the center of conservation efforts. I want to thank you for the work that has already been done, and for what remains to be done. Thank you for your continued collaboration to re-green Madagascar and the sustainable management of natural resources."