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For the protection of forest rangers and patrollers!

Our forests are under unprecedented pressure from deforestation, slash and burn agriculture, small-scale farming, firewood and charcoal, cattle ranching, mining, and illegal exploitation of natural resources (animals such as lemurs or precious woods).

The list is long but the facts are clear: forests are under increasing pressure. According to the scientific report, "Deforestation fronts: drivers and responses in a changing world," more than 43 million hectares were lost in total between 2004 and 2017 worldwide. This is an area roughly equivalent to the surface of Morocco. In Madagascar, 1.3 million hectares were burned between 2002 and 2019. 
The guardians of our forests are working hard to reduce these pressures. Unfortunately, they are threatened, injured and even killed in the course of their work. How can we protect local forest patrollers and protectors? The recent case of Henri Rakotoarisoa, a recent victim of natural resource protection actions in Madagascar, has drawn public attention. 

With the intervention of some forest protection actors, a televised debate is organized to discuss the protection of forest guards and community patrollers:  
  • Facts and main problems faced by forest patrollers at the local level, civil society organizations that implement sustainable use of forests and natural resources. What are the challenges for the enforcement of existing laws and regulations?
  • Solutions to be implemented to protect forest guards and patrollers from threats, injuries and killings?
  • Razafindralaisa Hariniaina Léon, Director of Operations of Madagascar National Parks
  • Ramanantsoa Seheno, Service de la gouvernance des Aires Protégées / Direction des Aires Protégées et des Ressources Naturelles renouvelables et des Ecosystèmes (SGAP/DAPRNE) from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Aldine, Representative for the grassroot community organization and community patroller  from  Ambilobe - Diana region