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One Planet Solutions

WWF’s “One Planet Perspective” outlines better choices for managing, using and sharing natural resources within the planet’s limits – to ensure food, water and energy security for all.
It requires that we:
  • Preserve natural capital:
    Restore damaged ecosystems, halt the loss of priority habitats, significantly expand protected areas.
  • Produce better:
    Reduce inputs and waste, manage resources sustainably, scale-up renewable energy production.
  • Consume more wisely:
    Through low-footprint lifestyles, sustainable energy use and healthier food consumption patterns.
  • Redirect financial flows:
    Value nature, account for environmental and social costs, support and reward conservation, sustainable resource management and innovation.
  • Equitable resource governance:
    Share available resources, make fair and ecologically informed choices, measure success beyond GDP.

While the global trends leave us in no doubt about the scale of the challenges that we face, there is room for hope. Numerous examples from all around the world demonstrate the One Planet Perspective in practice – with significant environmental, social and economic benefits. Below are just a few.

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© WWF International