The astonishing life of being a kid in Andranomilolo

Posted on 02 December 2016
Enfants à Andranomilolo
© Enfants à Andranomilolo
Looking into one of the many kids’ faces in this village, you can easily distinguish their courage and strength. With poverty’s pressure weighing heavy on them, the children of Andranomilolo take their own responsibility at an early age in order to help their parents. Other than helping out with everyday tasks such as fetching water, gathering firewood, pounding rice, taking care of their little brothers and sisters or neighbors, washing clothes etc., they will also try to make some money during the holidays (for instance by selling fried bananas to people passing by). 

Far from comics and video games, these kids find their pleasure in everything that nature offers them – playing at the riverside, strolling the woods, chasing birds... same story with food : instead of going to the next grocery store in order to buy sweets, they will just climb a tree and harvest some of the abundant fresh fruits. 

Disposing only of two classrooms poorly taken care of but driven by the desire to learn, their wish and courage to study always dwells deeply inside them. The nearest secondary school being located at a 3 hours walk from the village, as well as the fact that some of the kids have to financially take care of their study material themselves, requires a lot of independence. 

The kids’ impressive character also encompasses their willingness to help each other. Whatever the task they have to accomplish, they can ask for support or pass it on to a friend anytime. This is even made easier by the fact that all of the children know each other in this little village.

Enfants à Andranomilolo
© Enfants à Andranomilolo Enlarge
Enfant à Andranomilolo
© Enfant à Andranomilolo Enlarge