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Initiatives for Sustainability

Initiatives for Sustainability Programme (ISP) is a cross-cutting programme to help MWIOPO to fulfill its Conservation Plan through providing orientations and technical support (methodolgy, tools, capacity, policy advocacy) and developing initiatives to mainstream links between poverty and conservation into projects/programme and to enhance sustainability through developing capacity of stakeholders and building partnerships with development and governmental agencies, civil society and private sector.
Some initiatives and activities are undertaken ....
  • PHE approach: integration of Population-Health-Environment to be upscaled
  • Environemental Education Programme : ecopedagogical approach supported by Vintsy Magazine (64 issues) and Vintsy Clubs (515 operating currently within 46 districts of Madagascar)
  • Capacity development projects to reinforce civil society and CBOs and field staff of WWF, to strengthen network of environmental actors
  • Sustainable financing mechanisms like Green fees, Watershed-PES, Ecotourism, other instruments to be tested and developed