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Earth Hour: youth engagement in schools and social networks

The national movement that is Earth Hour in Madagascar, celebrated every last Saturday of March, is led by the associations member of the committee "Namako ny Tany", my friend is the Earth.

Before the health measures decreed to ensure the safety and health of citizens, the "Namako ny Tany" committee has conducted awareness-raising activities in schools, high schools and universities in Madagascar.
A total of 6,230 pupils and students enrolled in some 50 schools and universities throughout Madagascar were sensitized. The three themes addressed: the protection of nature, the eco-gestures to adopt for an eco-responsible behavior and also the importance of Madagascar's biodiversity.
In Antananarivo, there were screenings of films from the WWF's "Our Planet" series with Netflix, debates and animations in schools.  In Andapa and Toliara, film screenings on lemurs followed by awareness-raising activities took place in schools, in partnership with GERP and SOS Lemurs.
The students also signed the “Voices for the Planet" petition, choosing a commitment that is important to them for Nature in Madagascar. And until March 20, more than 1400 signatures have been collected.
This year, Earth Hour is being celebrated through social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Internet users are invited to take part in the eco-gestures challenge at home, in photos or videos. Let's maintain our commitment to nature, and inspire others by showing environmentally friendly gestures to adopt at home. The challenge is shared continuously on the social networks of WWF Madagascar (https://bit.ly/3bqfDdc) and the "Namako ny Tany" committee (https://bit.ly/33P3qMo) with the hashtags (#NamakoNyTany #EarthHour #Connect2Earth).