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The environment, in the school curriculum in Kivalo

WWF has been one of the precursors of environmental education in Madagascar through different programs for children and youth.

Good ecological gestures, respect for animals, appreciation of landscapes and above all recognition of the value of the biodiversity of our country is the bases of ecological behavior, which develops over time. The love of nature is cultivated from childhood. And the understanding of the sustainable management of natural resources will follow.
Children are the future consumers, decision makers and agents of change of tomorrow. It is important to make them understand the role of the environment in which they grow up. They will inherit the state of the environment in which we leave it today. This is applied in Kivalo. All the children in this fishing village near Morondava go to school and there, they have a program dedicated to environmental education. The result of this environmental education in school is noticeable because all the children are attached to their natural resources, especially the mangroves.