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From fisherwoman to " data collector ".

Zeny lives in a fishing village on the Mahafaly coast, in Andomotse.

Zeny is one of the young fisheries data collectors of this area. Among the 74 data collectors, 57 young women are involved in this activity. 
Zeny masters all the principles of good management of marine resources, she is part of the management committee of the locally managed marine area called Mahafenoriake. She is able to mobilize the youth of her village to protect the fishery resources. She is also a responsible entrepreneur. She is a reseller of fishing products to supply the Tulear market. But Zeny was not always so resourceful and active. It was in 2012 that her life changed. Having attended a WWF training on marine resource management, she decided to take control of her life and began training to become a "data collector" and then learned to read and write.  "I love this life I lead, now I can write and I have a good job. Most of all, I know that what I am doing now is for future generations. That's my motivation," says Zeny. The next challenge for her is to be able to use the electronic devices used to track catch data.