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Towards voluntary commitments for a sustainable shrimp fishing industry

Within the framework of the Biodev2030 project, and with the objective of reversing the loss of biodiversity by 2030, the presentation and validation of the voluntary commitments for the shrimp fishing sector took place on April 20, during a technical meeting.

The exchanges were led by Mr. Désiré Tilahy, Secretary General of the Ministry of Fisheries and the Blue Economy, with the stakeholders of the shrimp fishery, civil society organizations and NGOs, including the WWF. The Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy is pleased with all the steps taken in this continuous process through the mobilization of different sectors and with the groups and associations of fishers present.

These commitments focus on the need to strengthen fisheries surveillance by improving the number of surveillance and control staff and supporting the formalization of the Community Surveillance Committee. In addition, the commitment concerns the restoration of mangroves for the public sector. As for the private sector, represented by the GAPCM, it is to consolidate information on the commitments of its members in the specifications, to achieve a positive communication on the efforts made and improve the modalities of implementation of these commitments. Was recalled in the speeches of the spokeswoman of the GAPCM during her intervention, the commitment to support the small fishers by the allocation of regulated materials as well as the granting of trainings to their profits. For the representative of the Association of small-scale fishers, the commitments are translated by the improvement of the working tools of the members and the reinforcement of the surveillance against the bad fishing practices. It is also noted their participation in the restoration of mangroves.

Tiana Ramahaleo of WWF Madagascar mentioned that the activities corresponding to the action plans resulting from these commitments will be supported in order to achieve the objectives for 2030 for the benefit of nature and humanity. This national initiative led by the government of Madagascar is supported by the French Development Agency, Expertise France with the technical support of IUCN and WWF.