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For nature, for people

This June 5th was another celebration of World Environment Day; since 1974, we have been celebrating this day with powerful environmental messages.

The fact is that in this year 2022 :
- We still learn that poachers in the SAVA region have hunted, poisoned, killed more than forty lemurs.
- An epidemic of monkeypox has been closely observed by the World Health Organization since the beginning of 2022 and today, it counts more than 1400 cases, most of which are in Africa. Monkeypox is a zoonosis, the virus of which is transmitted to humans from wild animals, rodents or primates. The spread is then human-to-human. We know the main causes of a zoonosis and its consequences: human beings are in too much contact with the wild world and consume wild animals. We are not yet out of the woods with Covid19 and we still have to worry about a new zoonotic disease. Fortunately, for the moment, the various reports rule out the risk of a pandemic.

All this is happening at a time when the world keeps saying that this is our last chance to reverse the loss of biodiversity; scientists keep influencing major global decisions that we are living in a climate emergency, and that its consequences will be irreversible if we do not act now. Perhaps, humans do not know yet that the loss of nature leads to the loss of human beings? 

Here are some reasons why we cannot live without nature:
- No nature, no water: the water we drink is a resource that is renewed thanks to the presence of forests, wetlands present everywhere, thanks to a favorable climate, stabilized - always by the forests, if these disappear, we will have no more water.
- No nature, no food: our food comes from the fauna and flora provided free by nature - fruit trees, meat, agriculture ...
- No nature, no human life : the air we breathe, with the speed of global warming, with the pollution that keeps increasing, with the emissions of greenhouse gases, industrial or household - will become toxic - and unbreathable.
- No nature, no development: human beings invest a lot in nature by the transformation of natural resources, by the production of goods, by the creation of jobs in which nature is at the center ...
In short, we depend on nature, we need it to live, then, we must be aware that these sensitizations to the protection of nature, are also and above all a sensitization to the protection of human life.

This June 2 and 3, the world's leaders met in Stockholm for a summit marking the 50th anniversary of the first United Nations Conference on the Environment, where the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres reiterated the existence and made a call to action in the face of a "triple planetary crisis" caused by the climate emergency - the loss of biodiversity - and pollution and waste. Later on, we expect the COP 27, conference of the parties on climate change in November 2022, the conference on biological diversity (COP 15 CBD) this year as well; these events should be an opportunity to remind us, human beings that these actions are not only dedicated to nature, but that they are useful for our life ... perhaps, the right strategy to adopt is to convey that it is our very existence after that of nature that is threatened: an important awareness is expected ... it's for the nature, for humans.