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Well-deserved professional cards for responsible fishers

Since November 16, 2020, the teams of the Regional Directorate of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (DRAEP) of Toliara and those of WWF are on mission on the entire coast south of Toliara. They will go from village to village to grant professional cards to fishermen engaged in the sustainable management of resources with the LMMA (Locally Managed Marine Area).

This card is important because it indicates that its holder is a professional fisherman.   The card includes information about the holder (identity, village of residence, and indicates which LMMA the holder is a member of). 
The Department issues its cards to fishers who have adopted sustainable fishing practices.  Their fishing practices are then monitored and controlled. They use non-destructive gear. They respect the sizes or weights of regulated fishery products, as well as the closed periods of the fishery. For example, the minimum weight of octopus that they can fish is 350 grams. Like any citizen exercising a profession, these professional fishermen pay taxes. The number of fishermen on the coast south of Toliara is increasing exponentially, due to migrants in search of resources that are still exploitable.  As a result, there is currently more pressure on marine resources. The fisherman's card is of great use, as it not only justifies that its owner exercises the fishing profession in a regulatory manner, but it also makes it possible to affiliate the latter at his residence address to an LMMA. 
In addition, it is a tool for the identification and census of fishermen, but above all, it is a tool that allows the Ministry to monitor and control fishing flows. In the long term, the granting of the fisherman's card allows for the sustainable management of fishing and the professionalization of fishermen.
The objective of DRAEP this year is to grant 1,000 cards. In 2019, 500 fishermen have already been able to obtain their cards and become professional fishermen. The card is valid for 5 years. For these professionals, there are more opportunities to access professional fishing gear, to benefit from training to improve productivity and apply good fishing practices.