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Sustaining and extending the change by solar mamas

"Efa nanaiky tsy mandry amin-damba" (literally: we have already accepted, we cannot give up) is the Malagasy saying chosen by the women solar engineers of Barefoot College to express their commitment to go to the end of their mission, which is bringing light to their village.

In December 2019, an exchange visit was organized in Ambakivao to share experiences between the solar committees and solar mamas  from different WWF communities: Tsaratanana (Atsimo Atsinanana), Iavomanitra (Amoron'i Mania), Andranomilolo (SAVA) and guests in Ambakivao in the Menabe.

To be successful, the will and commitment of these solar mamas  must go hand in hand with those of the solar committees and local authorities.  The households using the service must respect on the one hand, the technical instructions and on the other hand, honor the payment of the contributions to sustain the service. As for the State, it should provide support for the extension of solar activities.

These observations will allow everyone to consider the improvements to be made in their village under different aspects: organizational, partnership, financial, logistic, technical, development of the solar house, and development of the solar entrepreneurship. "This exchange visit in Ambakivao was positive for us", says Kalozandry, coming from Andranomilolo. "The exchange of views was very instructive. We have learned and understood a lot, if some aspects were perhaps unclear or not known before.”

The exchange visit was also a space for cultural and human discovery for all participants. Indeed, each community has its own cultures and dialects. The organized activities and the experience of mangrove reforestation fostered mutual respect and pride in belonging to a large Barefoot College family.
From now on, each village will take into account the good practices and potentials revealed throughout the exchanges.