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Wetlands and biodiversity in the spotlight on January 31

World Wetlands Day will be celebrated on 31st January in a highly symbolic place in Antananarivo.

Although the official date of the day is on 2nd February, a Sunday, the festivities will take place two days earlier at Tsarasaotra Park, a private RAMSAR site in the center of the capital.  On the theme "wetlands and biodiversity", the day will offer a range of activities, under the authority of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.
On the day’s agenda, the purpose of the activities will focus on educating participants in a playful way so that they are aware of the importance of wetlands through stands and exhibitions, but also games and various animations prepared by Malagasy Youth Biodiversity Network.
Wetlands play a major ecological role and are a source of income for more than a billion people worldwide thanks to the fauna and flora they shelter. The decline of wetlands represents a risk for all of mankind and nature, so these ecological infrastructures deserve a special celebration.
Several other regions of Madagascar with Ramsar sites will also celebrate this day. It should be recalled that 20 Malagasy sites are recognized as Wetlands of International Importance or Ramsar sites such as the Barren Islands of Maintirano, Onilahy, the mangroves of Tsiribihina, Lake Sofia, Ambondrombe de Belo-sur-Tsiribihina, and many others.