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The Malagasy youth, actor of sustainable development.

Young people under the age of 24 represent 65% of the Malagasy population according to the Annual Report 2020 Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius, Seychelles of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Although they are in the majority, young people in Madagascar face many challenges: access to social services that meet their needs, early pregnancy, an education system that leads to a high dropout rate or even school dropout, poor access to information channels, low participation in decision-making processes, lack of platforms for them to express themselves, difficult access to the professional world, etc. This recent UNFPA survey on the impacts of the pandemic on young people reveals the following impacts: lack of leisure, money and freedom, increased rate of domestic violence...The future of Madagascar's youth is one of the Government's priorities, "education for all" is among the "Velirano" in which the emphasis is placed on modernizing the infrastructure of the education sector, schooling, and professional insertion.

Madagascar's youth are aware that the world in which they will continue to live is being prepared today. In 2021, for example, eight young Madagascans are among the Top 100 young conservation leaders in Africa.
More than ever during the 2020-2021 national reforestation campaign, young people are on the front lines of supporting the state's vision to "green Madagascar. Among these youth initiatives, the young social enterprise Bôndy, which is now an SME, has succeeded in planting 87,183 trees on 80 hectares during the 2020-2021 season with its partners including WWF.  The innovative initiatives of the young people of the Namako ny Tany committee (my friend the Earth in French) which gathers 56 associations of young people including Bôndy, challenges the politicians on the importance of a youth who counts and who wants to bring its stone to the building. Among them, Max Andonirina Fontaine, founder of the company Bôndy is representing Madagascar at the Youth4Climate in Milan in September 2021 in preparation for the COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland. This young leader proves that youth is not an obstacle and that we can make our voice heard especially when it comes to acting for the environment. Mirana Njakatiana Andriarisoa, also a young conservationist, will be the second Malagasy youth representative at Youth4Climate. And that's not all, many young people will be part of the Malagasy delegation to COP26, including activists from the Namako ny Tany committee. This shows with certainty the change that we can bring to our planet even being young. WWF trains and accompanies associations and other youth organizations in their actions in favor of nature. Each of the associations/movements/consortiums/youth networks of Namako Ny Tany contribute to the protection of nature, conservation, sustainable development of the regions where they are present. Young people have a power of influence and by their dynamism, they can accomplish great achievements.