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Young people in the front line to green Madagascar!

In the 4 corners of the island, young volunteers are mobilized and participate in reforestation actions. Dynamic young people and active citizens who give their time to green Madagascar.

In its vision of "Greening Madagascar" launched in February 2019, the state has set the goal of planting 40,000 ha per year in national level. On December 6, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development raised this objective from 40,000 ha to 75,000 ha per year. 

In this momentum, youth movements are emerging throughout Madagascar and are a source of hope for reforestation. Since mid-November, young people from various associations working for sustainable development have been involved in the entire reforestation process, from preparing nurseries to planting.  

In Ambilobe, Junior Chamber International organized a mangrove reforestation day and planted 3,000 mangrove propagules on November 29th. On the first of December, the youth of the "Consortium des Jeunes Vonono" reforested 1,263 mangrove propagules in the vicinity of Maintirano.

On the occasion of "Help me plant 20,000 trees", led by the social enterprise Bôndy, young people take their responsibilities. Last weekend, 400 young volunteers including the network of Vintsy Club in Tana participated in the reforestation in Andramasina. 

The whole day of December 19, this social enterprise plans to gather 500 volunteers to plant 20,000 trees in the same locality. Each volunteer will have to plant 40 seedlings. "The monitoring of these plantations will be done by the Bôndy team. We are putting all the chances on our side to ensure the survival of the seedlings with technical expertise and a five-year follow-up. We guarantee that a tree planted is a tree that grows," says Max Fontaine of the Bôndy project. The Bôndy team, with the help of other volunteers, is still planning to continue reforestation rounds until the end of the national reforestation campaign in 2021. 

WWF salutes the commitment of these young people to make the Red Island a Green island. Go go "Green warriors"!