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North of Madagascar

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tuna thon
WWF welcomes key IOTC resolutions but urges stronger action for yellowfin tuna

Despite making progress towards more effective and equitable management of tuna fisheries, the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission once more deferred making ...

19 May 2023
The SADC Fisheries Monitoring, Control and Surveillance Coordination Centre – set to enter into force in April 2023

Gaborone, 9 March 2023. The Republic of Botswana became the eleventh signatory of the Charter establishing the Southern African Development Community ...

09 Mar 2023
Long-awaited measures aim to reduce pressure on Indian Ocean tuna stocks

Mombasa, Kenya (07 February) - WWF welcomes the adoption of new conservation measures on fish aggregating devices (FADs) at the recent Indian Ocean ...

07 Feb 2023
Madagascar, a burning paradise

​Young people are concerned about the fire situation in Madagascar ... because their future is indeed at stake. The land of their children and future ...

10 Nov 2022
Charbon vert par Move Up Madagascar
Energy transition: for a green Madagascar

The energy and climate crisis is global and the African continent, including Madagascar, is affected.

05 Oct 2022
Processus d'extraction dans la ruée minière à Madagascar
Improving the development framework of the mining sector: the voice of civil society

The news has recently been shaken by the debates on the revision of the mining code. Mining resources (precious stones, gold, nickel, cobalt, etc.) ...

05 Sep 2022
Les polisinala : fervents serveurs de la forêt.
The difficulties and challenges of community patrollers in Madagascar

We celebrated the World Patroller's Day or "Polisinala" this Sunday 31 July 2022.

04 Aug 2022
Philémon Eugène, an ecotourism guide in Ambondrolava, Southwestern Madagascar, showing the mangroves
Mangroves are the solutions! Let's act together for their sustainable management!

​Mangroves are above all fascinating; they are a vital ecosystem for the coastal zone.

22 Jul 2022
Mangroves - Ambilobe - Zones humides
Les mangroves : écosystème à conserver!

Every July 26, the world celebrates the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem. This day aims to raise awareness of the ...

07 Jul 2022
Henri Rakotoarisoa
Henri Rakotoarisoa, umpteenth victim of the protection of forests ...

and others are likely to suffer the same fate if urgent measures are not taken.

20 Jun 2022
Malagasy Youth
Environment Month: we have only "One Earth"!

​This day is an opportunity to both celebrate the planet and highlight the perils it faces.

03 Jun 2022
Earth Hour 2019 in Madagascar
Environment Month: we have only "One Earth"!

This June 5th and like every year, we celebrate the World Environment Day.

03 Jun 2022