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Give up your time to help the environment!

In 2005, WWF International created the Explore program for young people interested in experiencing real conservation challenges in the field. WWF Madagascar took on this program, and hosted the very first wave of volunteers on Malagasy soil in 2006.
For three months, these young people, aged between 19 and 27, live with local communities in WWF's intervention areas and participate as community members. The Explore program offers both volunteers and communities the opportunity to add a united and human dimension to conservation.
Volunteers will work with communities on projects related to drinking water supply, reforestation, literacy, raising awareness, making safer homes, creating income-generating activities, supporting women, advocating general and environmental education. The work of these young volunteers opens up opportunities to improve the livelihood of people living in the poorest rural communities, while at the same time helping strengthen conservation efforts in the country.
WWF relies on young volunteers voluntary, who also stand to gain from the experience and opportunity to explore the world. Up to now, around 200 young volunteers from all over the world have worked in WWF Madagascar's intervention areas. Each of them has helped bring our mission to life.

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