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Welcome to Besambay

Besambay is the village that we will be calling home for the next 5 months.

02 Jul 2018
Un village traditionnel Malagasy
Une nuit dans un village traditionnel Malagasy ou comment allier conservation et développement !

Après un mois de training et de préparation, d’abord à Tana, puis a Morondava, Maryo (mon binôme) et moi sommes enfin partis pour le Fokontany ...

02 Jul 2018
Ecotourisme Communautaire Dans Le Site « Kivalo Soa Honko », En Fin De Gestation

​A deux heures de trajet de la ville de Morondava, en passant par l’Allée des baobabs, se trouve le site « Kivalo Soa Honko ».

02 Jul 2018
It is Now or Never

Have you ever thought about the mystery of the universe?

14 Aug 2015
The Mangroves are at Risk. We (Youth) can be the Answer

Mangrove ecosystems are full of biodiversity.

14 Aug 2015
Lessons From Nature: What We Can Learn from the Spiny Forest

“Plants are doing it. We should too,” said Navi, a fellow WWF volunteer, after discovering in Life Among the Thorns, a soon-to-be released WWF ...

06 Aug 2015
On a Thin Blue Line

WWF works in many coastal areas around the world. These are complex areas. They are intersections of the aquatic and the terrestrial, the domains of ...

28 Jul 2015
Diving Deep; a Firsthand Look at an Overfished Reef

Sun rays dance through the water to tickle the fishermen’s legs as they dive. They are muscular legs. Legs that seem to hint at what it really means ...

28 Jul 2015