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January 26 - World Environmental Education Day

Learning about nature protection is the key to its long-term conservation

On The World Environmental Education Day, which has been celebrated since 1972, WWF Adria has published a manual How to prepare for a trip in nature“.
"Research shows that learning outside the classroom, which is one of the key determinants of nature education, encourages intrinsic motivation to learn in children and youth, which is a key factor contributing to better academic achievement and independence development. If we want for our stay in nature to be relaxed, and at the same time focused on a certain topic, it is important to invest a little time in its preparation. Good preparation gives us a sense of security, relaxation and allows us to focus our attention on the natural environment in which we find ourselves, to explore and get to know it ", says the education coordinator at WWF Adria Jovana Dragić May.
This day is celebrated to highlight the importance of education that enables individuals to explore the state of nature, identify environmental problems and be actively involved in solving them. Nature protection education creates environmentally aware and active citizens who are committed to preserved and healthy nature. This is one of the reasons why WWF Adria started conducting education on the topic of nature protection in 2016, through the WWF Nature Academy and professional training with educators and teachers.
The importance of education on this important topic is also recognized at the global level, which is why UNESCO has determined that environmental education must be a basic component of school curricula until 2025.
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How to prepare for a trip to nature