Ambaro Bay villagers form community savings group for mangroves

Posted on 06 September 2021
To finance the conservation of their mangroves, to support sustainable management activities in their locally managed marine areas, and to empower community members. They have a nature fund called 'The Environment Fund' which is also used to fund the activities of their community patrollers. 

The community of Antsatrana was the first to sign a partnership agreement with OSDRM (Organisation de Soutien pour le Développement Rural à Madagascar) to set up a community savings scheme. It is a contract that ensures the sustainable financing of the village's patrollers. Other communities have followed in Antsatrana's footsteps: Ampasivelona, Ankazomborona and Antenina signed a similar contract on 31 July 2021. WWF has supported the establishment of this local financial system in the villages in partnership with OSDRM to help communities manage their savings effectively.

"The community of Ampasivelona has made a great commitment to nature because last year, with the ten community savings groups in the village grouped into one union, their total cash contributions reached more than 76 million Ariary or 16,476 Euros," said Gertin Randrianambinina from WWF. The villagers can finance the patrols for a whole year.