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Support the development of the WWF Africa Adaptation Hub Strategy (relaunch)


AO – 037/TNR/2023
Title: Support the development of the WWF Africa Adaptation Hub Strategy
Project reference: MG 2029.02 - Resilience for People and Biodiversity - Africa Adaptation Hub
Department: Conservation
Supervisors: AAH coordinator of WWF Madagascar Country Office and the ROA Conservation Impact Director
Type of contract: Consultancy
Date : The total working days should not exceed 40 days


The WWF Africa Adaptation Initiative (AAI) has been in place since 2011 as a two-phase Norad project, which ended in 2020. Hosted by WWF Madagascar since late 2018, AAI has shifted progressively to become a Hub from 2021, increasingly playing a central role for WWF Africa on adaptation instead of programme management.  A first scoping study was done in December 2021, with four potential pillars to be delivered by the Hub:  (i) act as a knowledge and learning hub; (ii) facilitate the partnerships and resource mobilization on climate change adaptation with regional/global players; (iii) engage in climate change adaptation policy and advocacy, through an Africa Adapts coalition; (iv) act as an incubator/accelerator supporting large scale implementation of NbS for climate adaptation in Africa. The remaining 7 years are critical for Africa as climate is changing rapidly, with an urgent need to speed the delivery of measurable resilience for biodiversity and people and tangible impacts at scale. AAI and the WWF Africa Adaptation Strategy were in place ahead of the new WWF Africa Conservation Framework, same for the set-up of the Africa priority land and seascapes and WWF Practice work. In this sense, there is a need to redesign the mandate of the Hub in order to meet WWF internal priorities and external dynamics, through a participatory and co-creation approach. Therefore, WWF is hiring consultants to support the development of the WWF Africa Adaptation Hub Strategy.
  1. Objective of the consultancy
The main objective of the consultancy is to support the development of the WWF Africa Adaptation Hub strategy to respond to the needs of WWF and external audiences. Specific objectives include:
  • Assess adaptation priorities of WWF Africa offices/priority landscapes (based on the regional, office and landscape strategies and other relevant documents and consultations with any relevant thematic related to adaptation including nature based solutions for adaptation).
  • Map the current adaptation work implemented by WWF in Africa by offices/landscapes and National Offices and assess gaps and challenges. 
  • Assess other WWF Africa and practice initiatives that have adaptation components and evaluate synergies and linkages, and identify where the Hub should add value.
  • Identify gaps AAH needs to fulfill to advance WWF Africa priorities and internal engagement to build on as well as opportunities to tap on.
  • Assess external dynamics on adaptation in Africa and globally including nature based solutions for adaptation, and identify gaps AAH need to fulfill with regards to external engagement and key opportunities to tap on in order to drive tangible impacts (including strategic partnership to build on, key donors to target for regional funding, and other relevant engagement needed).
  • Provide a snapshot of adaptation priorities and challenges in Africa to better align the internal and external priorities.
  • Identify areas of innovation, new thematic areas that support more impactful results with adaptation and new ways of upgrading the profile of WWF adaptation work in Africa and beyond (eg linking adaptation to Disaster Risk Reduction work).
  • Assess the niche and added value of the Hub based on these priorities and dynamics, including priority areas of work and pillars the Hub should deliver with the “how” in practice. On pillars/areas, ranking by priority with time of delivery (short or mid-term) and highlighting the two first priorities to start with.
  • Screen existing governance structure of similar regional initiative within WWF Africa, and recommend what the Hub governance structure and implementation framework should look like in accordance with the Hub proposed areas of work. 
  • Develop the WWF Africa Adaptation Hub strategy.
  • Provide key elements to feed the revision of the 2018 WWF Africa Adaptation Strategy
The consultants will be under the Direction of the supervisors of this mandate, and the AAH development process steering committee. Regular discussions will take place between the two parties during this assignment to ensure smooth implementation of this mandate. The principle of co-design and co-creation is key throughout this strategy development process. The methodology for accomplishing this mandate should take this into account. The AAH strategy needs to get the full ownership of the WWF Africa in terms of areas of work and implementation framework.


The following deliverables are expected:
  1. An inception report with detailed methodology, approach and timeline based on further discussion with AAH coordinator and the AAH strategy development steering committee, one week after signing the contract. A virtual session with the team will also be organized to validate the methodology and planning;
  2. Internal and external assessment report based on the screening of internal strategies and mapping (offices, landscapes, practices and others) and external dynamics analysis by November 30, 2023;
  3. Desktop research and stakeholders’ consultation report summarizing all key findings (as per the specific objectives) by December 20, 2023.
  4. The Draft Africa Adaptation Hub Strategy by December 20, 2023 (the outline of the strategy to be validated with WWF). In addition to the physical document, the draft will be presented to the AAH steering committee and WWF stakeholders via a virtual meeting.
  5. Final draft of the Africa Adaptation Hub strategy after addressing all comments from WWF by January 30, 2024.
  6. Recommendation report of key elements to feed the revised WWF Africa climate change adaptation strategy by January 30, 2024.
  7. All WWF documents and other relevant documents used during the mandate by January 30, 2024.
The above timeline is subject to revision based on common agreement.


In the event of late submission of reports/products, WWF reserves the right to deduct 1‰ per day of delay from the total due fees.


The expected start date is 06 November 2023 and final deliverables should be received by 30 January 2024. The total working days should not exceed 40 days.

This mandate does not include any field work but more desktop research, literature review, stakeholders’ consultations and interviews, surveys, which will be defined in the validated methodology for this mandate. Physical workshop participation will be on a need basis, and covered by WWF.

V.Required Qualifications

Group of consultants or Firm that qualifications & experience include:
  • University degree or higher academic credentials in environment, conservation, climate change, or other relevant fields;
  • Strong records in designing strategy with critical thinking in relation to the conservation strategy design and development;
  • Strong experiences around climate change issues and biodiversity conservation, and good knowledge of Africa and global trends, particularly on climate change adaptation ;
  • Relevant experiences in working with international organizations or NGOs on similar consultancy assignments;
  • Fluent in English, and ability to understand other languages (at least written skills).

VI.Coordination and supervision

This work will be realized under the supervision of AAH coordinator of WWF Madagascar Country Office and the ROA Conservation Impact Director, who will approve all deliverables and all receipts.
All requested reports/deliverables shall be written in English.


The Group of consultants or Firm interested are required to submit the following by email to procurement@wwf.mg with the reference “AO-037/TNR/2023 Support the development of the WWF Africa Adaptation Hub Strategy – RELAUNCH” in subject line delivered not later than October 27th at 17.00 pm EAT time with:

  1. A technical proposal :
  • Detailed methodology and planning based on the ToR and expectations
  • The consultants’ resume (which shall state clearly any experience similar to the object of the present service and indicating key references and the field of specialization.
  • A financial proposal in Euro. The budget should give details of consultancy days by category as well as daily rates, along with management secretariat costs (if appropriate). Daily rates and expenditures should be shown separately. The offer should also show tax-exempt and taxable costs. Where costs are tax-exempt, explanations should be provided. (Please note that any costs for developing proposals in response to this assignment are not reimbursable).
If any, WWF will directly pay for all expenses related to travels, so those expenses should not appear in the consultant offer. The rate of Per diem and Accommodation should not exceed WWF’s rate and the airfare is based on Economic class.
For the particular case of non-resident consultants, the consultant is subject to the payment of the Tax on Income from Non-Resident (under Article 01.01.14.'s Tax Code CGI) up to 10% (or 5 % if based in Mauritius). A remark on this tax should appear in the financial offer.

VIII.Evaluation of offers

An evaluation committee will review and rank the received offers. 
The technical evaluation criteria are as follows:
Methodology 20
Relevant experiences 25
Qualifications and capacity of the key consultants 25
Mission timetable 10
The adjudication returns to the best technical offer (among those which has an evaluation score higher than 50/80) whose financial offer does not exceed the available budget. The possibility for negotiation is not excluded when the best technical offer had submitted a financial offer exceeding the budget available.

IX.Notes on canceling the current tender

The current offer may be canceled under the following conditions:
  • Competitiveness is not adequate;
  • No offers meet the requirements ;
  • Received offers significantly overreach the proposed budget.

X.Conditions of the work

The proposed work will be carried out under contract upon which the present ToRs will be attached as an annex. The contract will be drawn up after the offer has been confirmed.
The consultants will assume all fiscal responsibilities relative to their tax status. As consultants, they are responsible for the payment of any tax that might be demanded within the framework of this agreement, assuming that he is able to justify he is in good standing and up to date vis-à-vis administrative and tax authorities; otherwise, and in accordance with the law, WWF is obliged to withhold at source on the amount of its services or fees / bills, the percentage to be paid to the taxes authorities.
The consultants will be subject to WWF management procedures at all times.
WWF cannot grant in advance honorary fees.

XI.Payment of fees

Payments will be made in three installments as follows:
  1. 30% of the total amount of fees, upon completion and submission of the deliverable (a) and (b) and their acceptance by the WWF supervisors; and submission and approval of an invoice detailing services rendered.
  2. 40% of the total amount of fees, upon completion and submission of the deliverable (c) and (d) and their acceptance by the WWF supervisors; and submission and approval of an invoice detailing services rendered.
  3. 30% of the total amount of fees, upon completion and submission of the deliverable (e), (f) and (g), and their acceptance by the WWF supervisors; and submission and approval of an invoice detailing services rendered.
The invoice must contain the following information: name and address of the consultant, invoice date, unique invoice number, amount of fees free of charges, amount of taxes, service rendered, deliverable and/or number of hours charged, period in which service was provided, bank details.

XII.Fraud, corruption and conflict of interest declaration

Candidates have read entirely the WWF Policy for interests and the WWF Policy Conflicts for Prevention and the Survey of Fraud and Corruption. He understands his responsibilities to comply, and fully commits to it. He acknowledges he has no conflicts, as described in the WWF's Policy on Conflicts of Interest: https://bit.ly/2H2M8Ed


Candidates must respect the professional rules of conduct without any reproach in the conduct of its mandate. Furthermore, the contractor will ensure not to tarnish the image of the WWF execution of its mandate. WWF gives the right to terminate the agreement in proven cases of misconduct that can harm the WWF.                     
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AO 037 TNR 2023 Support the development of the WWF Africa Adaptation Hub