Restoring mangroves to save marine resources

Posted on 25 June 2021
With the participation of the team of WWF, Madagascar National Parks and the NGO "Graine de vie", 60 members from the community of Andranomavo were able to plant 10 000 propagules.

The mangroves around the Madagascar National Park Nosy Hara are home to several marine species and provide a livelihood for all the local residents. According to the testimony of Tombohasy, president of the Local Committee of the Park, the communities are beginning to benefit from the continuous reforestation efforts that have been carried out for a long time. "The collective efforts have not been in vain, as the mangroves are beginning to expand and the marine resources have returned to their former quality, which is good news! And all this is thanks to the collective effort of the stakeholders."

The mangroves of the area are seriously threatened by various pollutions from pesticides and fertilizers. Their degradation impacts on food security, especially on shrimp farming, which is being massively implemented on the seashore. In collaboration with Madagascar National Parks, an awareness session was held to strengthen the protection of mangroves and to encourage locals to always respect the rules and instructions. This session focused mainly on shrimp fishing. The restoration of ecosystems is essential, let's seize every opportunity to make our contribution to strengthen their resilience.