Landscape and forest restoration, Madagascar is committed to the AFR100 initiative

Posted on 05 July 2021
Forest landscape restoration is a "planned process to regain ecological integrity and improve human well-being in degraded landscapes" as defined by WWF.

Landscape and forest restoration is a very evolving process in its concept, including all reforestation activities, agroforestry or reclamation of marginal land for agriculture. It also includes actions to restore degraded land.
Madagascar - In 2005, WWF launched a Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) programme in Madagascar's iconic rainforest: the Fandriana-Marolambo landscape. The landscape contains fragmented forest interspersed with savannahs, exotic plantations and fields on 203,080 hectares.  150,000 people lived there. Fandriana-Marolambo is rich in biodiversity, for example, eight species of lemurs were recorded there.

Under AFR 100 (African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative), Madagascar has committed to restoring 4 million hectares of degraded land and forests by 2030, and the implementation of this commitment is framed by the national strategy for green infrastructure restoration developed by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. A cross-sectoral committee including other categories of actors is coordinating the implementation of this national strategy.

Source : BCB Madagascar

Where do we stand? On June 5th, the Ministry of  Environment and Sustainable Development conducted a workshop with its technical partners such as WWF to finalise the content of the reforestation monitoring manual.