Managing Madagascar's mangroves: multi-stakeholder governance needed

Posted on 23 July 2021
The mangroves of our island represent 20% of the available mangroves in Africa and many Malagasy people depend on them. This inclusive management seems to be on the right track, this year, the celebration of the international day for the conservation of the mangrove ecosystem was jointly organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and obviously the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. The finalization of the national strategy of mangrove management is certainly one of the most urgent projects that requires the involvement of all stakeholders. The various reflections are underway in the framework of the celebration of mangroves in Majunga from July 24 to 26. They should lead to actions and solutions "towards the integrated management of the mangrove ecosystem", theme of the celebration.