TMTI Coalition, determined to protect natural resources in SAVA

Posted on 03 August 2021
Faced with the threats to these forest resources, some fifteen civil society organizations (CSOs) from the region came together in the TMTI network or "Tambazotra Miaro ny Tontolo Iainana" (environmental protection network in English) in 2014. Together, they have created a platform for environmental advocacy, for the sustainability of wood resources.

The TMTI association raises awareness and learns about the importance of precious woods from local authorities: communes, communities, and other partners. Through workshops, communities, local authorities and the association discuss the problems affecting precious woods and find solutions together.

In addition, TMTI trains, coaches and sensitizes communities on the effective management of the production areas entrusted to them. In case of clearing or infringement of the law, the association also supports the handling and processing of offences, sometimes up to the court.

In October 2020, TMTI organized a consultation workshop in Andrafaikona, a village near COMATSA, on the protection of natural resources and precious woods. A communal platform was created following this to strengthen the communes in terms of environmental governance, education or health. Local environmental associations and community organizations are members of this platform. With the support of WWF, TMTI's field actions continue to this day in Bevonitra, another village in the northern highlands, for awareness raising in response to land clearing that took place in mid-July 2021.
These initiatives like those of TMTI promote collaboration between the administration, communes and communities in the sustainable management of our natural resources.