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Reforestation launched in the Menabe region

The starting signal for the regional reforestation campaign in the Menabe region was given on January 26.

Government agencies, civil society organizations and the private sector from the region joined forces with communities and WWF to plant 28,000 seedlings on a 25-hectare site in Betalatala, District of Miandrivazo. A wide variety of species were planted, including Acacia mangium (broad-leaved Acacia), Azadiracta indica, Albizia lebbeck and other species adapted to different seasons, which, it should be noted, grow rapidly and can be used for energy purposes.
The reforestation work carried out over the past two years in the areas surrounding this site has produced positive results. This season's objective is to maintain this momentum.
Between December 2023 and March 2024, all the reforestation associations with which WWF works in the region are actively involved in reforestation, depending on the season and plants growth. As one of the Betalatala community members testifies, post-reforestation monitoring remains the main key to success: "We had always planted on this site. But we've found that the only way to guarantee successful reforestation is to maintain the seedlings and set up firewalls.
Fuelwood nurseries for communities
Communities in the Belo-sur-Tsiribihina, Morondava, Mahabo and Miandrivazo districts maintain nurseries thanks to the technical skills they have acquired with WWF support. The nurseries are designed to grow seedlings for fuelwood, with the aim of supplying large cities, and thus help reduce the exploitation of natural forests, particularly mangrove forests. They are spread over 13 sites in these 4 districts:
-Belo-sur-Tsiribihina: Ambohidrahay (2 nursery growers) – Ankirondro (2 nursery growers) – Marotaolana (2 nursery growers) – Belo-sur-Tsiribihina (3 nursery growers)
  • Morondava: Mangily (2 nursery growers) – Befasy (2 nursery growers)
  • Mahabo: Manamby (2 nursery growers) – Malaimbandy (1 nursery growers)
  • Miandrivazo: Dabolava (3 nursery growers) – Tsarafidy (2 nursery growers) – Masiakampy: (2 nursery growers) – Madiokely (2 nursery growers) – Andimaka (2 nursery growers)