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Earth Hour with BNI MADAGASCAR: for the Earth, for the planet!

BNI MADAGASCAR has responded by joining the collective movement for Earth Hour 2024.

This year, BNI MADAGASCAR launched an internal mobilization to encourage all employees to take positive action for the planet. Numerous people highlighted their daily eco gestures, with the aim of demonstrating that simple, inexpensive practices, applicable at the office, at home and wherever we are, can have a significant and lasting impact for our planet.
BNI MADAGASCAR and its employees are committed to leaving a positive mark on the planet through personal initiatives that are close to their hearts. The result is a global movement that will have an impact on future generations. 
They gave an hour for the Earth
« There is a climate emergency, and I have the impression that awareness is still insufficient, and that the easy solution for many is not to face reality. This is at least my third time taking part in Earth Hour. This year, I'm reducing my use of private cars and riding an electrically-assisted bicycle whenever possible. 20km a day less by car, means less fuel at the end of the year. Also, using a 20-kilos bike rather than a one-ton car has a much greater impact than replacing a conventional car with an electric one. As well as being good for your health, it is also good for finance » - Barijaona RAMAHOLIMIHASO, General Director advisor
« With temperatures rising year on year, cold days becoming rarer, we should expect periods of water shortages and heat-related health problems. That's what motivated me to take action. I'd already been doing voluntary work when I was a member of a service club in Tamatave, such as collecting plastic garbage on the beach. For this Earth Hour, we've started with the reforestation of two nurseries per employee at the BNI Soanierana Ivongo branch, and we're going to continue with each employee's family » - Ony Zo RAZAKANANTENAINA – Branch Manager
« Being aware of the environmental impact of our actions, my participation in this mobilization for the planet stems from my conviction that everyone has a role to play and that every gesture counts in protecting our planet and promoting sustainability. I haven't yet had the opportunity to take part in this kind of event. But for Earth Hour, I've decided to take two actions for the planet: reforestation and turning off the lights to reduce our environmental footprint and encourage others to do the same » - SAM Thalia Ross
« I took part in this mobilization because of my interest in protecting the environment and fighting pollution. In my case, it's about avoiding waste and being able to recycle waste. And for this Earth Hour, I've decided to sort my waste and turn my organic waste into compost » - Tatamo Mampionona RANDRIANARIVELO, Head of internal audit
« I want a healthy, sustainable environment rich in opportunities for future generations, as set out in the slogan of last year's Earth Hour "Tanindrazako, Taninjanako". In 2023, we celebrated Earth Hour with the greater BNI MADAGASCAR community. It was fabulous to see everyone involved in the movement. This year, I've decided to raise global awareness of the need to use sustainable containers wherever possible. It's a win-win situation: you spend less in the long run, you contribute to the sustainable management of our natural resources, and you considerably reduce the use of plastic » - Mialy RASOANARIVONY, Environmental and Social Impact Manager.