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EARTH HOUR: Young people mobilize for a sustainable future

​In Madagascar, young people's involvement in Earth Hour is no longer limited to symbolic participation; it reflects a genuine desire for change and transformation.

Over the past few years, Earth Hour has become a tool for raising young people's awareness of how to live, consume and interact with the environment. Young Madagascans in the capital and in the regions are particularly committed to this crucial cause, with boundless enthusiasm and energy. This year's themes, focusing on health and well-being, nature, entertainment, art and creativity, food and sustainable development, inspired a multitude of exciting youth-led activities and initiatives.

Awareness campaigns for young people

This year's campaign is built around clear, motivating messages:
  • Let's do something positive for the planet for one hour.
  • Let's inspire our community to act for the planet and for Madagascar, by becoming living examples of environmental protection.
  • Let's unite to recall the vital importance of acting for our planet, underlining the pressing need to protect it, while time is running out.
These messages embody the determination of young people to take collective action to preserve the planet: (1) digital mobilization, (2) media engagement, (3) public events.

1) Digital mobilization
Since the launch of the campaign in mid-February, young people have taken advantage of digital tools to mobilize and raise awareness. In particular, young people from IST-T's Vintsy Fanihy club have launched calls to action on Facebook. Other online activities included eco-friendly photo contests organized by JCI Iarivo, inviting young people to share their actions to inspire others, poems and much more.

2) Media involvement

Young people also shared their environmental message through the media. Media interventions such as 2424.mg, shows like Morning D, and radio hooks reached a wide audience for Earth Hour and related activities. The young people spoke with passion and conviction, encouraging everyone to play their part in preserving our planet.

3) Public events

Young people have taken tangible initiatives in the field:
  • Reforestation and restoration sessions were carried out with associations,
  • Youth debates on the environment were held with Unis Vers Vintsy Tana (Club Vintsy universitaires),
  • Awareness-raising activities were carried out in schools with young people throughout Madagascar,
  • Ecological manufacturing workshops with students from the Vontovorona Polytechnic University: soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.
These practical activities help to reinforce the impact of mobilizing young people to create concrete change at community level.

A symbolic union of committed youth at ESCA Antanimena

Like every year, Earth Hour is marked by a large gathering of young people. This year, ESCA Antanimena was the meeting point for thousands of committed young people. This symbolic gathering celebrated the shared commitment of young people in the fight against environmental degradation, and highlighted the concrete actions already undertaken.

1) A festive and educational mobilization
The event was punctuated by a series of fun and educational activities, all linked to the Earth Hour 2024 themes. Participants were made aware of current environmental challenges through various exhibitions. At the same time, games, debates and other activities encouraged discussion and reflection on possible solutions.

2) A daily reminder of our responsibility to the planet

Beyond the festivities, Earth Hour 2024 was also an opportunity to remind us of the importance of our actions: every day, we must all act to preserve the planet. The commitment of the young people in the Namako Ny Tany network is a source of inspiration and an example for us all to follow.

The Earth Hour 2024 celebration was marked by the passionate and determined mobilization of young people to protect our planet. Their commitment to act, inspire and raise awareness reflects a hope and determination for a more sustainable future. By joining forces, young people showed that everyone can make a difference, and that together we can build a better future for everyone, and for our beautiful planet.