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Malagasy ministries make progress towards common understanding of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework

​Do we know the links between the sectors in which we work and biodiversity? It is a question that many people have probably never thought about.

Biodiversity refers to all living things (fauna, flora, human beings) and the ecosystems in which they live (their natural habitats). These living beings are genetically and species-diverse, and interact with their natural environment. In other words, living beings and ecosystems are interconnected and interdependent, and any threat to one will directly affect the other.
The world is working on solutions to reverse the loss of biodiversity. The Global Biodiversity Framework, adopted in December 2022 in Montreal, Canada, is a commitment signed by 196 countries to restore and conserve biodiversity. This historic agreement commits each signatory country, including Madagascar, to setting targets and national action plans to protect biodiversity by 2030, by which time biodiversity losses could be irreversible.
Therefore, biodiversity is everyone's business! All sectors are concerned in one way or another, but it is the direct interaction with this biodiversity that is still insufficient or not directly perceived. For instance, the education sector is involved in environmental education, the tourism sector promotes natural heritage; but this is also the case for maritime transport, whose activities directly interact with marine ecosystems...
The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development was keen to reiterate this relationship between sectors and biodiversity: "Biodiversity plays an essential role for Madagascar, as a source of food, income and protection against natural disasters. Biodiversity is essential to sectors such as agriculture, where soil nutrition and pollination, and consequently crop quality, depend on it.  Hence, the importance of preserving our biodiversity and involving every ministry in drawing up strategies and action plans to implement the global biodiversity framework". 
Sectoral ministries are currently discussing this Global Biodiversity Framework in Antananarivo, under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, with the aim of gaining knowledge and understanding of (1) the framework and its implementation on Madagascar's biodiversity, (2) the interdependence of sectors with nature, and (3) the priorities, involvement and contribution of each ministry in implementing this framework.