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Disseminate laws to ensure sustainability of mangroves conservation

In 2019, Madagascar is committed to the sustainable management of mangroves under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

To reinforce this commitment, the civil society of the Ambaro Bay has decided to promote the importance and stakes of the mangroves ecosystem in Northwestern Madagascar. Their objective is the sharing of vision and practice around the laws governing mangroves between public actors and civil society organizations including local communities. A regional meeting was organized in October 2019.
At the end of this regional meeting, a simplified guide covering all the legal texts governing the sustainable management of mangroves is now published.  Developed by Alliance Voahary Gasy, this guide also proposes good practices to address the illicit exploitation and destructive practices of mangroves. The initiative is supported by WWF together with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation in Germany (BMZ).
"A natural capital with multiple benefits that must be perpetuated, the mangrove could be an insurance of well-being for the Malagasy people," according to Rostaing Razafindranaivo from  WWF. "It is a legacy that contributes to food security, protection against coastal erosion and the mitigation of global warming," he added.

Follow the link to download the guide.