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The "Jeunes Mahery" raise their voice for the sustainability of the natural resources of the Menabe

The Menabe region abounds in natural resources (mangroves, dry forests, endemic animal species, etc.) that must be conserved at all costs because they provide a living for communities and make the region special.

In Morondava, Menabe region, the "Consortium des Jeunes Mahery" is a federation of eight associations, which has more than 300 members today. They have two goals : to expand the consortium at all levels and to involve/empower youth in the sustainable management of natural resources.

At the beginning of July, the members of the "Consortium des Jeunes Mahery" had the initiative to organize the "Youth Symposium to bring their voice". It is the result of the observation that young people are not sufficiently considered in the decision-making process for the development of the region. They have a desire to act and to be heard for all the ideas that they consider relevant for the improvement of the social, economic and environmental life of the Menabe. The local authorities were invited, notably representatives of the Urban Commune of Morondava, the Regional Directions attached to agriculture, fishing and the environment. Mr. Pascal Rasolonirina, representative of the Urban Municipality of Morondava announced that day that they have "various projects that involve young people, and from now on, the "Consortium des Jeunes Mahery" will be invited to meetings on the communal development plan. "

This conference also allowed the consortium to establish its action plan including various advocacy actions on the recognition of youth movements as well as the problems of exploitation of natural resources and awareness on the protection of the environment at the local level. 

Since December 2020, a document of advocacy for the accountability of Technical and Financial Partners, and authorities on the degradation of the protected area Menabe Antimena is underway, and these young people contribute actively. They wish that the future generation inherit this protected area that they are afraid to see disappear.

WWF is supporting the "Consortium des Jeunes Mahery" technically and financially to help them carry out their projects, particularly through capacity building in management, communication, advocacy, project development and event organization.