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The ultimate winning community of the Fagnoesa contest generously rewarded

"Fagnoesa" or "challenge", the competition between community-based marine and coastal resource management organizations in the DIANA region, is coming to an end after 10 months.

A total of thirty-six communities in the region registered for the environmental competition. 

The ultimate goal of "Fagnoesa" is to strengthen the motivation of all communities in the DIANA region to persevere in their efforts to sustainably manage their marine resources and coastal biodiversity. 

As part of the closing of the Fagnoesa competition, sixty representatives of the 36 communities that participated were mobilized to attend the exchange visit and workshop on community-based management of marine natural resources in Ambanja. The exchange visit was an opportunity for each community organization to share their experiences. But above all, it was an opportunity for the organizations that did not win to learn about their shortcomings in the management of marine and coastal natural resources. 

Of the four finalists in the competition, the local grassroots community MIEZAKA from Ambanja district, Ambolikapiky village, brilliantly won first place. The winning team was awarded an ARGOS 700 speedboat with a 60 horsepower outboard motor, patroller's outfits, and an E15DMHL outboard motor. 
"We have committed ourselves to the good management of mangroves voluntarily, firstly to ensure the sustainability of marine resources, and secondly because we find it very beneficial for us," says Serge Anicet, a member of the Miezaka community. A victory that has motivated the community-based organization more than ever to further improve the efforts that him and his community dedicate to the marine and coastal resources of their area.

In second place, the ANKAMEVA community in Ankazomborona of Ambilobe district. In third place is the community FMTFI (Fikambanan'ny mpanjona Tia Fivoarana eto Irodo / Association of modernist fishers) from Antsiranana II. And finally in fourth place is the MATEZA community of Bemanondrobe in the district of Nosy Be. These three communities also won an E15DMHL outboard motor and patrol boat outfits.  

"The Fagnoesa contest was a great success because we could see that it led to a renewal in terms of motivation for the communities of the DIANA region. Our wish is that this contest will make all the other communities that did not participate more committed to carrying out their mission as managers of marine and coastal resources," concludes Mihary RAPARIVO, DIANA seascape manager.

Every September 29 is declared "Regional Day of Community Organizations" in the DIANA region, said officially Bakarizafy Hervé, Regional Director of Development in the region. 

The DIANA region is the leader of this competition between community organizations. The success of this contest revives the enthusiasm of all actors to continue their efforts in managing marine resources.