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"We will always do what is necessary to protect our forests" Rejela Moraraiky, Andranovory Reforesters Union

"Forests, and sustainable production and consumption" is the theme of the international day of forests this year 2022. But the associations of reforesters of the commune of Andranovory (located 40km from Toliara) have already understood and adopted this principle for a long time.

After noticing the disappearance of forests on the national road leading to Toliara, the population of Andranovory became alarmed and some pioneers, aware of the impacts of this deforestation, did not hesitate to launch an appeal for reforestation. "In the past, we used to see turtles, wild boars, and Sifaka in the forests along the national road, but today there are none left" explains Rejela Moraraiky, president of the reforestation union. This has persuaded the entire population of the importance of restoring the forests.  These reforestation associations have formed a union since 2009 and have managed to grow 42,400 seedlings during the 2021-2022 reforestation campaign. The result is palpable, the trees have grown and they will also be able to use some of these trees for firewood and cooking because the disappearance of the forests has also led to a decline in charcoal production. However, in this region, mainly the inhabitants of Toliara are still dependent on the use of charcoal as their main means of cooking.  The people of Ankilimalangy join hands to put out fires whenever they occur and assure that they will always do what is necessary to protect their forests.
These community actions are important and have a great impact on the future of nature and humans. On the eve of the Earth hour, scheduled for March 26, 2022, each citizen must identify his action for nature, his contribution to the preservation of biodiversity in Madagascar.