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Small gestures to sustainably use our energy

According to WWF, the ecological footprint is a measure of the pressure that humanity exerts on nature.

It allows us to evaluate the surface of land and water necessary for a population to satisfy its needs in terms of consumption (daily activities, lifestyle, food, leisure and entertainment, …) but also to absorb its waste. Our consumption choices can curb the negative impacts on the environment and reduce our ecological footprint: all we have to do is live in a thoughtful way and adopt habits that preserve the environment on a daily basis. Among these habits, energy consumption is as important for nature as it is for Madagascar's household budgets. In this month of April that we dedicate to green and sustainable energy, we asked some questions to the WWF staff and indeed noted that everyone contributes in their own way by small actions.
 "What do we do to contribute to the energy saving and the preservation of the planet in general?
Hajanirina Paulin RANDRIA ARSON
"For the last 5 years, I have been using only natural gas instead of charcoal for cooking. This, first of all for health reasons, but it is especially an ecological motivation! I always turn off the lights when I leave a room. In case of power outage, I use rechargeable lamps. I walk to work and rarely take the bus, except for important meetings. As for my electronic and household appliances, I always unplug them before leaving my home.
Onjaniaina Jaquie RABEONY
 "For my part, I only turn on the lights if it is really dark, in the rooms where I go and I systematically turn them off when I leave a room. I also use a gas stove. As much as possible, I save water. When I brush my teeth, for example, I turn off the faucet when I'm brushing my teeth. It seems like a very small but effective gesture! Finally, I don't throw away the waste water that can still be used to water the plants.
I use low consumption bulbs in the whole house, it is both economical and ecological. I also do a maximum of telecommuting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions emitted by the car during my travels. For the kitchen, I use an improved cooking stove. And most importantly, I pass on these small actions to my children to set an example for them to follow. It's never too early to be a savior of the planet.
Through these small actions, Arson, Onja and Voahangy are making a big positive impact and contributing to the sustainable conservation of the planet's resources. Imagine the change that would occur if these actions were multiplied by 7.7 billion people, the current world population.
Here are some other things we can do:
-Putting the lid on food during cooking uses 25% less gas;
-Taking a shower instead of a bath saves more water;
-Use energy saving light bulbs, called "low consumption lamps", which not only save you money on electricity but also make you green. They consume 5 times less and last up to 10 times longer;
-Remember to check the energy labels when you buy your lamps. From A for the most economical to G for the most greedy,
-In the evening, remember to turn off your computer and its screen without forgetting to unplug it because even in standby mode, these devices continue to consume;
-If possible, group together several devices on a multiple socket with a switch;
-For companies, using laptops instead of fixed computers can save 50 to 80% of electricity;
-Think of doing sports like our friend Arson! Encourage walking or cycling. A gesture for your health and for the planet. Two birds with one stone!
-Save water like Onja! Recover rainwater to water your plants. It is not loaded with products that are harmful to their health.
-Use an improved cooking stove! This helps reduce deforestation and air pollution.