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Second edition of the Natural Capital Forum in Madagascar

The forum on natural capital in Madagascar, is back this year for a second edition with the theme "Innovative ways of green growth for a nature-friendly future from politics, business and finance".

The objective of this 2nd edition is to support the valorization of natural capital and its integration into policies and investments for green growth in Madagascar, with a focus on green growth through the green and blue economy.  It is therefore to answer the question: How to value, integrate and finance natural capital in policies and investments for green growth in Madagascar based on the priorities, experiences and commitments of national stakeholders?

During two days, June 30 and July 01, 2022 at the Radisson Blu Ambodivona, the participants of the forum which will be composed of leaders and actors of civil society, government entities, private companies as well as technical and financial partners will exchange around three key topics : investment and responsible finance, integration of green growth in public policies and collaborative and innovative solutions and economic models.

To achieve these objectives, this 2nd edition will take place in two parts: 
  • A first part will be dedicated to thematic and solution sharing sessions with concrete examples of innovative initiatives in terms of policy, business and finance as well as the constraints, issues and challenges to their development and scaling ;
  • The second part will consist of dynamic exchange sessions with a view to identifying solutions and recommendations with a view to highlighting avenues for the development of a roadmap and a multi-sectoral action plan for the integration of natural capital into sustainable development models in Madagascar. In addition, the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in the green transition will be identified and discussed during the forum.

The forum is organized in a specific context: natural resources, biodiversity, and ecosystems in Madagascar are under unprecedented pressure, reducing nature's capacity to continue to provide the ecosystem services that humans, society, and businesses need. Moreover, investments in the sustainable management of natural capital are insignificant compared to their value.

In this context, it is important to mobilize and bring together all stakeholders, to strengthen the synergy of actions and to promote a stronger anchoring at the political level for action and commitment of actors, including the private sector.
The organization of the forum contributes fully to the vision for the environmental emergence of Madagascar, materialized in the General State Policy (PGE) with the aim of preserving and enhancing biodiversity so that it contributes to economic and sustainable development. 
This 2nd edition of the forum on natural capital is organized by the Nat Cap Madagascar Network (Natural capital of Madagascar). Resulting from the 1st edition of the forum on natural capital on the economic evaluation and accounting of natural capital, held in Antananarivo on March 18 and 19, 2021, the Nat Cap Madagascar Network's mission is to promote the consideration and integration of natural capital in decision-making processes and in the actions of all development actors in different sectors. 
Open to all interested individuals and entities (government, private sector, civil society organizations, researchers, etc.), its objective is to facilitate meetings, exchanges and the sharing of good practices and lessons learned among stakeholders on natural capital. The network is currently composed of 40 members from different institutions and is co-led by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, WWF Madagascar, USAID Hay Tao Program and the Axian Group. The Technical Secretary is supported by WWF Madagascar and ensures the animation and coordination of the network.

The second edition of the forum is organized under the co-sponsorship of the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock and the Minister of Fisheries and Blue Economy. It is supported by the MAVA Foundation, the French Development Agency (AFD), the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), USAID Hay Tao, Conservation International and the Axian Group.