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World Environment Day, a citizen's mobilization to the rendez-vous!

Every June 5th, we celebrate the World Environment Day. "ONLY ONE EARTH" is the theme of the national celebration of this day at the global level.

Under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, communities with the support of WWF and partners, participated in this celebration throughout the country.
The kick-off of the celebration was held in the Atsimoandrefana region. A conference-debate was held in the premises of the municipality of Toliara, under the theme "We have only one earth, let's build a common future for all forms of life. This was followed by a great environmental carnival.
In the Menabe region in Belo sur Tsiribihina, the region puts a particular emphasis on the worrying state of the forests of the protected area Menabe Antimena; reserve of important natural resources, however in prey to massive deforestation. The Regional Department of Environment and Sustainable Development, local NGOs, representatives of the region, youth associations have together marked this celebration by a great cleaning of the market of Belo Sur Tsiribihina and exhibition stands. A reforestation of mangroves in Soarano sur mer, a restoration site created in 2018 thanks to the support of WWF followed the festivities.
In the Diana Region, the celebration was led by the Governorate of the Diana Region and the Regional Department of the Environment in Andromanitra, Antsiranana District. About 300 nature lovers participated in the setting up of firebreaks and to ensure the growth of the plants planted last March.
The Sofia region also made its celebration with friendly soccer and petanque matches, followed by a radio crochet and film projection on the flagship species in the region. This was followed by a mangrove reforestation in Maromandia, where more than 20,000 propagules were planted on about 2 hectares. 
The national celebration in Antananarivo was held on June 10 and 11. The Malagasy government, through the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, brought together key actors in development and conservation. The youth from the Namako ny Tany committee answered the call of the organizers of this celebration and participated in the installation of firewalls on a reforestation plot in Ampangabe. They also mobilized in front of the Analakely City Hall through exhibition stands during two days to raise awareness on environmental protection.