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Biodiversity of Madagascar, we are part of the solution.

This coming May 22, 2021, we will celebrate the international day of biodiversity. The biodiversity of Madagascar is a precious wealth.

Unfortunately, we note a continuous degradation of our natural wealth.  Several actors of the environment, led by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development will unite during this month of May to make the whole population understand that we can change things, that we can still stop the loss of natural species, the degradation of the environment. The preservation of biodiversity is not only a matter for conservation organizations, each small citizen action can lead to a global change of behavior that will reduce the pressure on natural resources: the non-wasting of water and food, reforestation, the use of sustainable energy, recycling, ... On the other hand, we know that the pandemic has greatly reduced the economic performance of Madagascar. However, we know that the economy and development can and must be based on natural capital. There is still time to invest in the environment, to opt for green entrepreneurship, to effectively enforce environmental laws... to sustain development and for humans and nature to thrive.  But we can only do this if we work together. We are all involved, we are the solution.

Malagasy Youth Biodiversity Network is a particularly committed entity when it comes to dealing with biodiversity.
If we want to live in harmony with nature we will have to rethink our relationship with it. In any relationship, each party must contribute 50%. In this socio-environmental crisis that we are currently facing, we realize that the solutions are in nature.  The theme of this year's celebration of the International Day of Biodiversity reminds us that each of us, no matter what our background, no matter who we are, no matter what our field, we are part of the solution. In fact, we are the solution.
So this year's celebration will honor all the solutions we are already implementing.  But more importantly, we would like to inspire all citizens about the solutions we can bring to a common fight. In addition, we hope to give a youthful twist and reach a wider audience online and in person through various fun and informative activities for all tastes and ages; story times on biodiversity for the youngest, video challenges to showcase solutions from youth, young researchers, scientists, citizens, and organizations, mini science conferences... In the program, we also hope to have the chance to discuss with experts on our theme.
Malagasy Youth Biodiversity Network
Why do we need protected areas? 
5% of the world's biodiversity is found in Madagascar. Lemurs, Nepenthe, Brookiesia nana chameleon, the fosa, are all species unique to Madagascar. However, they are, for the most part, preserved in protected areas (national parks, nature reserves, etc.). So why protect this biodiversity? Because it brings unique benefits to the population. Lemurs participate in the propagation of seeds and the extension of forests. Plants, for example, the fruit of the baobab tree, are used in traditional Malagasy medicine. Mangroves protect against flooding and prevent erosion. Protecting Madagascar's biodiversity means changing the destiny of thousands of unique species in the world as well as millions of people. Let's speak up for biodiversity!
Fondation pour les Aires protégées et la Biodiversité de Madagascar