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Some young activists reveal their visions

To protect nature and the environment is an "inter-generational" commitment that mobilizes today's young people as well. 23 days before the celebration of Earth Hour, some young Malagasy environmental activists express their visions for Madagascar and nature for the years to come.

RAJAOBELISON Mbolatiana Famenontsoa, 24 years old, from Eco-feminism
My wish is "a clean Madagascar", and that trash becomes a source of profit rather than a problem for us.  I would like to call on all Malagasy people to take responsibility for the protection of the environment by starting to adopt eco-gestures. I would invite you, for example, to limit the production of rubbish (consume fewer plastic bags, less plastic, etc.). 
RAKOTOMALALA Sanda Anjara, 24, from Malagasy Youth Biodiversity Network
By 5 years from now, Madagascar will have finally moved to a radical change and will start applying it to its approach to sustainable development by harmonizing all sectors and integrating the local level. For the environment, intergenerational equity is respected and achieved in environmental governance.  In order to achieve this, it is necessary to mobilize funds to build the capacities of young people as well as the establishment of programs or mechanisms to integrate young people in the decision-making processes and implementation of environmental governance.
ADIHANY Ismael, 30 years old, from the Menabe Youth Association, University graduates.
I am a bit pessimistic about the future. However, the state's policy to make Madagascar green again with forests and mangroves gives me new hope for the environment. I am trustful that through this policy, we will live in a healthier environment.
RAHELIARISOA Niaina Finaritra Nambinintsoa, 19 years old, from Climates
I would like to see an improvement in education in order to avoid an excess of unemployed graduates young.  Thus, the Government must integrate young people or youth associations in the decision-making process for the development of the country, especially for the environment. It is hoped that reforestation efforts and various waste recycling projects will contribute to the fight against climate change. 
ANDRIAMIALINAVALONA Sarah Anjaratina, 23 years old, OP500
I would say that Madagascar will be a "safe place" where the whole society will feel responsible for its obligations to the country and the environment. In environmental terms, after five years, about five million trees, or more, will be planted in the most arid regions of Madagascar. It will be necessary to follow the development of the young seedlings.
RAKOTONJANAHARY Billy Melkiad, 24, from the Indian Ocean Climate Network and Tsy Hananan- droa ny tany 
If there is no change in the governance system to eradicate corruption, mismanagement of financial and natural resources, we will fall back into a deeper chasm. The environment will be even more catastrophic than it is now, as our endemic species, fauna and flora are disappearing at a very high rate. I think that the government must act to support the actions taken by citizens through associations. And above all, it must ensure that young people are integrated into the decision-making process concerning environmental protection.