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Heroes who save biodiversity in Madagascar

On June 5, we celebrate World Environment Day under the theme of biodiversity. Also this June, we will be celebrating World Oceans Day on June 8 and World Rainforest Day on June 22! A month rich in celebrations for Nature, but also a month dear to the heart of the Malagasy people because we will celebrate our 60 years of independence.

June is an exceptional month for Nature and for Madagascar. It proves to us that we must reconnect with Nature, but also that we must act for the preservation of our natural heritage. Unfortunately, our biodiversity is degrading at an alarming rate due to human activities.
During this month, let's take inspiration from these 3 Heroes of Nature which show that there are great men and women all over the island who are fighting to save biodiversity in Madagascar.
Retovo Arson
Originally from Fort-Dauphin, Retovo immigrated to the municipality of Ranohira in the 1990s. He has been a member of the local park committees since 2013 and has been able to mobilize the community of Mikaiky on a volunteer basis to fight the spread of fires in the park. Retovo regularly educates the 79 members of his community on firefighting strategies. He has managed to implement a fire control plan in his village and has managed to reduce the number of fire points in his area from 10 to 0. Retovo is the backbone of the firefighting for fire control that has ravaged more than 1000 hectares of the protected area in 2017.
Perline Ernestine
Ernestine is an exceptional leader who for the past two years has chaired the fishermen's association "Mahasoa", in the small coastal village of Marohata, in the southwest of Madagascar. She has succeeded in mobilizing her entire community for the management of marine resources and the literacy of 35 villagers in her village. She manages to bring all the villagers together in the fishermen's association of her village. Thanks to this initiative, a surrounding village, Ambalahonko, has banned the use of destructive fishing gear to its fishermen following the example of Marohata.
Betsiahilika Ludovic
A historian by training, Ludovic has been an activist in the protection of the marine environment in the Bay of Antongil since 2012. He promotes responsible fishing for the protection of the reefs and the improvement of the well-being of the fishing communities in 11 villages of the Littoral of the Commune Antanambe - District of Mananara. In his daily life, he deals with beach seine boats, mangrove operators, and delinquents practicing unregulated fishing. Ludovic works in concert with the Control and Surveillance Committees at the level of locally managed marine areas, local authorities, to conduct patrols, ensure law enforcement, and prosecute offenders to ensure the protection of biodiversity.
Like the anonymous people who are dedicated to the protection of our natural heritage, let's make Nature count! Let's connect to our planet.