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"Let's work in synergy for greater impact!!!"

Local communities are increasingly engaged in nature conservation.

Isn't this a huge impact of conservation? They are taking concrete responsibilities for nature conservation. Even if it is mainly to ensure their livelihood. Several VOIs (Vondron'Olona Ifotony) and VOI federations have created profiles on Facebook to express themselves and demonstrate that they have an important role to play.

Yes, probably, the real impacts of conservation are not felt very much. This is because there is a lack of complementarity and synergy between the different actors around (but not limited to) the different ministries involved, conservation NGOs and local communities managing natural resources. Moreover, it is high time that the Malagasy State prioritizes the environment sector and the conservation of biodiversity. We will never stop saying that the environment is an engine of development. How can we expect to have impacts when the budget dedicated to the Ministry of Environment is very modest compared to the general budget of the State? Especially since it is a ministry that must work closely with other entities? As a result, conservation NGOs are pointed at and accused of not bringing the necessary impact.  Interventions are disparate, synergy between actors is not established. State representatives must work in permanent consultation with local communities and the various associations and/or conservation NGOs. In this way, donors will have more confidence in us - especially with regard to local communities. 

Financial support for community development could improve.  Fortunately, Madagascar is and will be present at various international meetings (IUCN, COP 15/26...) Dear representatives at these meetings, this is an opportunity to demonstrate that we are working together, that we have a global and shared will to make our natural capital an engine of development. We must convince the world that we are doing everything possible to fulfill our commitments.
Tojo Rasolozaka, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer