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Reforestation to transform the Red Island into a Green Island

Reforesting Madagascar and transforming the red island into a green island, this has been the commitment of the State for Madagascar.

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development is increasing the initial target of 40,000 ha to 75,000 ha per year by December 2019. 

In January 2021, WWF publishes a scientific report, "Deforestation Fronts: Drivers and Responses in a Changing World". This report is the first comprehensive analysis linking the drivers of deforestation and responses at the global level. Madagascar is one of the 24 global "deforestation fronts". To combat deforestation, solutions are most effective when multiple responses are combined, engaging sectors other than conservation. Most importantly, there is a commitment from all levels of our society to see the expansion of our forest, this common wealth, exceed its loss. 

Reforestation initiatives are pouring in from all over to reach the goal of 75,000 ha annually. A challenge that youth associations are ready to take up, and they are already putting their hands to the task.

Club Vintsy Universitaire Tana: our contribution to greening Madagascar

Once, Madagascar was a green island. An island that was covered with forests ... a jewel of biodiversity.
Due to deforestation, the Big Island is currently nicknamed "red island" because it has lost its forest cover. Stripped, it has lost this natural wealth and unfortunately, this loss has a great impact and various consequences on our environment! 

To cope with this, reforestation is one of the best approaches to regreen Madagascar, and save its population from the climate crisis whose impacts are harmful especially on health. 

Composed of young university students mobilized for conservation, the club Vintsy Universitaire in Antananarivo or Unis Vers Vintsy Tana (UVVT) has for mission to love and make love the environment. Acting voluntarily, the club Vintsy collaborates with organizations that mobilize with associations of young people, volunteers, companies with the same objectives to achieve this summit and encourage members to explore the blue or green economy which are the very pillars of sustainable development.

In 2021, UVVT collaborates with the social enterprise Bôndy was able to reforest 2 000 plants by 73 volunteers in Andramasina. Bôndy, whose mission is to transform the red island into a green island, had a success rate of 68% of reforestation on the ground. Volunteers also mobilized to reforest 1,230 plants including 50% of fruit trees in Mahitsy with the Arrupe Faravohitra Center, with a success rate of only 35% due to the changing climate. 

On the occasion of the Earth Hour, some members of UVV Tana were able to participate in the reforestation of 600 seedlings, with 12 other associations and some volunteers member of UVV Tana at Bôndy in Andramasina.
For this year, the club Vintsy Universitaire aims to make a successful reforestation, that is to say a good reforestation with a success rate higher than 70%. For that, the young people will have for mission to make follow-ups on all the sites of reforestation. Then, to refill the grounds in order to exceed the threshold of 70% and to return to Madagascar its greenery of former days. 

"We encourage the Malagasy youth to participate massively in reforestation and never to make reforestation, a selfie or a picnic reforestation, but to do it as an act for the future generation and for our dear planet". Confides RANDRIANJATOHARIMANANA Tiana S. (Njato Mathias), the president of the UVV Tana, "We are the present but also the future of our planet," he adds.
Club Vintsy Universtaire Tana (Unis Vers Vintsy Tana)

Scouts reforest Madagascar

Every year, the Malagasy Scouts: Antilin'i Madagasikara, Kiadin'I Madagasikara, Tily eto Madagasikara carry out a reforestation campaign. A campaign that perpetuates the commitment of its members in relation to climate and environmental issues, which is why the scouts integrate the Sustainable Development Goal into the youth program.
For this year, the objective is to plant 150,000 feet that will be planted by the 54,000 members, supporters and partners with whom we collaborate. Given that Scouting is present in all 23 regions of the Big Island, the objective is to carry out this campaign in all regions.

The 2022 campaign will be especially marked by the participation and commitment of young people aged 5 to 25. These young people have been educated to have a distant vision, the impact of their commitments, which goes with the vision of World Scouting: Creating a Better World.

It is important for a country like Madagascar that young people act responsibly to protect the ecosystem, the natural resources of the country. Reforestation is not only a green action, but it is also a great participation to allow the future generation to live in an environment worthy of the value of Madagascar with which everyone should participate.
Author: CPR Tily Department