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This March 3rd, world wildlife day

This date is the day the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was signed in 1973. World Wildlife Day has quickly become the world's largest annual wildlife event.

In Madagascar, wildlife species are unique for the beauty and diversity of their multiple forms. Celebrating this day is therefore an opportunity to raise awareness of the various challenges that our species, whether turtles, lemurs, precious woods, etc. ... are facing including illegal exploitation and trade that affect the economic, environmental and social values of biodiversity. In addition, the theme chosen this year "recovering key species for ecosystem restoration" draws our attention to the state of conservation of these most endangered species of wild fauna and flora and to direct the discussions towards the imagination and implementation of solutions to preserve them.

A 512 green line to inform and denounce

"Alliance Voahary Gasy , we listen to you". It is with this introductory sentence that the lawyers of this environmental platform welcome each call on the green line 512. By dialing these 3 numbers, the caller has the possibility to learn about laws related to natural resources and land, or to denounce environmental crimes.
"The objective is to establish a culture of denunciation at the community level, where the population is reluctant to do so because of pressure and fear of reprisals.
The line, which is accessible to the three telephone operators (Orange, Telma and Airtel), is free of charge and takes calls during business days and hours.  From 2019 to 2021, the green line has received a total of 414 reports, 520 requests for advice and information whose recurring themes are protected areas, forests, land, mining, wildlife. Calls jumped 271% in 2021. Twenty-one arrests and 41 people arrested were made as a result of these calls in 2021.

"These citizen calls confirm that the plundering of our natural resources and the degradation of our environment continues unabated despite the efforts of authorities and non-governmental organizations. Drastic measures should be taken at the level of environmental justice decisions to directly mitigate their already visible impacts on the economy and sustainable development, such as the adverse effects of climate change (migration, drought, floods, etc. ...), "said the President of the AVG, Ndranto Razakamanarina.
Alliance Voahary Gasy

A world without nature?

We all depend on nature - for breathing, air, water, food, etc.. So what would a world without nature look like?
On World Wildlife Day, March 3, 2022, WWF is joining with some of the world's best-known companies, NGOs and sports teams to remove nature from their logos. Together, we seek to highlight the dramatic loss of biodiversity worldwide and the social and economic risks it poses.
For one day, any element in reference with nature: fauna and flora, planet earth, drop of water ... will disappear from the logos of several organizations, private sectors, major brands around the world. The campaign #WorldWithoutNature brings together more than 100 brands and famous teams around a common cause: to defend nature.
In Madagascar, about 15 entities have mobilized to erase nature from their logos for the day of March 3 and for a good reason!
There are so many things we love about nature, but also so many things we risk losing if we don't act. In less than half a century, human activity has caused wildlife populations to drop by an average of 68%. The destruction of nature is putting a million species at risk of extinction, promoting pandemics, and exacerbating climate change.
We call on world leaders to implement an ambitious global plan to combat biodiversity loss and put nature on the road to recovery. The public can show their support for a more sustainable future by taking action for the planet.