How You Can Help

YOU are supremely important!

What we are trying to do, how we are going about it - it all means nothing without your help.
And that help can come in many varied ways.

It isn't just about money, it is also about what you do. 

In your life. At home. At work.

Even the smallest acts can add up to be something huge and planet-changing... after all, who'd have thought just leaving a TV on standby and forgetting to switch off a few lights would be some of the key contributors to the critical issues we now face with climate change?

If such small things can cause such huge problems, rest assured small things can also create HUGE solutions...

Here are just some of the things you could do today:

Donate now


Make a donation

Of course, if you have any spare change, we would love for you to...

Take action

Take action online and help us get on-the-ground results. Does it work? You betcha!

Spread the word

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Join in

Join in or subscribe to one of the growing online WWF Communities where we share news, images, videos, tips for green living and more:

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Going shopping?

Buying gifts and products from any of the many WWF Shops, catalogues or online stores around the world, you are contributing to the conservation of the diversity of life on our Earth.

Live a greener life

Whether you are at home, work or on vacation you can make a real difference to the planet by taking simple everyday actions.

Think of the future

By leaving a gift in your Will you can help WWF secure a future where the diversity of life and landscapes that we so cherish today, will be there for generations to come.
  • If you prefer to make a donation by post, you can send a cheque to

    Monika Kull
    Ave du Mont Blanc
    CH-1196 Gland

    - Write on the back of the cheque "for deposit only to WWF International"

    - Sign underneath this statement

    - Please make sure that the cheque is not more than 2 months old