In the water

The sea is a bank of natural resources upon which millions of people directly or indirectly depend.
The destruction of the marine capital, which is the habitat for species and a fish tank, means the decline of a biodiversity essential to the life of man.
Several major projects are therefore conducted in favour of the ocean.

The Northern Mozambique Channel seascape is aspiring to an integrated management to the size of its environmental and economic importance. In other areas, WWF helps to anchor LMMA for villagers to adhere to the rational management of marine resources. A strategy on tuna production, eco certification of the shrimp industry, and the implementation of a crab industry especially in the Manambolo Tsiribihina was also considered and implemented for the sustainable management of marine resources and to curb overfishing which dries up the seabed.
© WWF MDCO / Iñaki Relanzon
© WWF MDCO / Iñaki Relanzon